The set of attitudes, actions and rules established by the Directorate that allow establishing the structure and processes necessary for the good running of the organization within its own culture and a series of defined values ​​make up the Varona Governance . The Varona team operates based on the good example, the observation of ethical behavior over arbitrary decisions and with a focus on the future of the company without employees and the community being harmed. Varona Governance allows us to resolve and add value to customer requests through the active participation of management and the entire company team.
The work philosophy that the Directorate transmits is a real mechanism to achieve the most suitable solutions for the sponsored ones and this includes in a continuous way the actions of instruction, formation and help to all the members of the team. The governance of the firm is based on rigorous care in the coordination of all tasks and procedures adopted, based on the skills and profiles of each of the professionals. All processes are impregnated with the work philosophy that defines Varona, an ethicalcommitment, social responsibility, a great respect for the trade and neatness in human treatment.

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